What if I had opened my most insane Flesh and Blood case today?

Flesh and Blood TCG Uprising Booster Box

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In this post I will focus on my Uprising booster case that I have opened over the past year. You can find the articles about the individual box openings below:

Together we will find out how valuable it would have been today! If you are interested in buying a box then you can use this link to find the best deals available on eBay.

First I’ll do a quick recap on the best hits from this case and then I’ll discuss the value.

What were the best hits?

Flesh and Blood TCG Uprising Booster Case Hits #1

In this case I did exceptionally well by hitting two Legendary Rainbow Foils and one Legendary Cold Foil, and on top of that I pulled the most expensive Legendary from Uprising, Crown of Providence, in both categories!

Next to that I was lucky enough to pull a Majestic Cold Foil and I managed to pull one awesome looking Marvel card.

What is their combined value?

Right now prices of Uprising booster boxes vary. The most reasonable price point seems to be $70 for a box and $280 for a case. Feel free to check the current listings to get the most accurate prices.

In the table below I will take a closer look at all of my hits.

Crown of ProvidenceLegendaryCold Foil$275
Crown of ProvidenceLegendaryRainbow Foil$100
Tiger Stripe ShukoLegendaryRainbow Foil$25
Invoke VynserakaiMarvelCold Foil$25
Burn Them AllMajesticCold Foil$10
Spellfire CloakCommonCold Foil$2.50
Quelling RobeCommonCold Foil$2.50

This gives a combined value of $440, which is a return of investment of 157%, which is very good!

All prices are based on eBay sold listings.


So what if I had opened this case today? I feel like not too much would have changed, except that the Rainbow Foil Crown of Providence is less valuable today compared to when I opened the third box of this case. This most likely has to do with the fact that it has been reprinted as a Non-Foil in the next to newest Dusk till Dawn set.

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