Flesh and Blood TCG: Uprising Box opening #1

Flesh and Blood TCG Uprising Booster Box

Recently I ordered two cases of Uprising with as goal to pull some Marvel and high rarity Cold Foil cards which could potentially be gradable. In this post series I want to share my experiences of opening the boxes and discuss whether they would’ve been worth it if you bought them individually.

Let’s start with the first box, first I’ll show the pulls, then I’ll discuss the value. If you are ever interested in buying a box yourself then I’m sure eBay has a lot of good deals, click here to see the cheapest Buy It Now boxes available.

Uprising pulls

In this box I only pulled Majestic or higher rarity cards and one Cold Foil. Also, please don’t be too afraid when you see the curved cards below, I should have stored them better. Please read my My Flesh and Blood TCG Rainbow Foils are curving post for more information about that.

Flesh and Blood Uprising Box #1 Majestic Rainbow Foil cards
Majestic Rainbow Foils
Flesh and Blood Uprising Box #1 Majestic cards
Majestic Non-Foils
Flesh and Blood Uprising Box #1 Quelling Robe Cold Foil
Quelling Robe Cold Foil

Uprising cards value

Those familiar with the cards may already have noticed that this box pretty much has no value. Luckily this case still has three more boxes. It would be a real shame though if this was the only box you had bought. Nevertheless, I’m going to break down the pulls and show the value of each one of them.

I bought my eight boxes for 64.95 euro each about six weeks ago and they arrived in two sealed cases. Shipping cost me another 9 euro. Today the boxes would be roughly 5 euro more expensive. I’ll use a ballpark figure of 66 euro for my boxes bought from Cardmarket. Interestingly on eBay they cost about $80 today, as can be seen here.

When checking the prices on Cardmarket I get the following values for my pulls, in order from most to least valuable.

Channel the Bleak ExpanseMajesticRainbow Foil2 euro
Quelling RobeCommonCold Foil1 euro
Spreading the FlamesMajesticNon-Foil1 euro
ThawMajesticNon-Foil1 euro
FrightmareMajesticRainbow Foil0.50 euro
UprisingMajesticNon-Foil0.25 euro
FrightmareMajesticNon-Foil0.10 euro
SemblanceMajesticNon-Foil0.10 euro
Combustion PointMajesticNon-Foil0.10 euro
RewindMajesticNon-Foil0.10 euro

This gives us a total of a whopping 6.15 euro, or a 9% return of investment. Really terrible. It surely can’t get much worse than this, right?

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