Learning to Play the Piano

Roland FP-30X

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Welcome to another article in my Personal series!

You may have noticed a decrease in new articles lately. I haven’t disappeared, it’s just that I decided to pick up a new hobby, which is playing the piano!

The piano

Casio CT-S300

Originally, I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy playing the piano, so I decided to start with a top-range budget model, the Casio CT-S300. Including a basic piano stand, a piano bench and a damper pedal, it cost me about 230 euros, which I felt was a fair price for trying out a new hobby.

However, after several weeks, I realized that unweighted keys meant that you are merely learning to play on a keyboard, rather than learning to play on a piano! Fortunately, the website where I bought it, Thomann, has a generous return policy, and I was able to return it free of charge.

If you happen to be interested in the Casio CT-S300, feel free to check it out on eBay or on Amazon!

Roland FP-30X

After it became clear that I truly enjoyed playing the piano and wanted to continue, I made the decision to upgrade to a more expensive model that features weighted keys.

I initially began with a basic piano stand and piano bench, however I quickly upgraded to the official set and I have not regretted it for a single second. Those articles are listed as KSC-70 for the piano stand and KPD-70 for the pedals.

Overall, it now cost me about 900 euros, but I couldn’t be happier! It is money well spent, especially when you consider that I also could have bought a couple of boxes of cards for the same amount of money.

If you happen to be interested in the Roland FP-30X, feel free to check it out on eBay or on Amazon!


In summary, buy the best piano you can afford and don’t compromise on accessories as long as they’re within your budget, you will regret it otherwise!

My YouTube channel

In order to give myself extra motivation to continue playing and perhaps one day also earn a little extra I decided to start a YouTube channel. You can see a preview below!

Hopefully, one day I’ll play well enough to truly brighten people’s days as well!

Final words

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