Flesh and Blood TCG: Uprising Box opening #4

Flesh and Blood TCG Uprising Booster Box

In my Flesh and Blood TCG: Uprising Box opening #3 article I said that it took me quite some time to open a box since the previous one. This time I believe I have outdone myself by waiting more than seven months until I opened this last one from the same case! I guess I had other priorities in the last half year… As you can see by viewing my posts from the last half year.

As always I’ll first list the pulls and then discuss the value. If you are ever interested in buying a box yourself then I’m sure eBay has a lot of good deals, click here to see the cheapest Buy It Now boxes available.

Uprising pulls

This box was not that great to be honest, but if you know what else I opened in my case then there is nothing to complain about, really!

Anyway, here we go.

Flesh and Blood Uprising Box #4 Spellfire Cloak Cold Foil
Spellfire Cloak Cold Foil
Flesh and Blood Uprising Box #4 Foil Majestic Cards
Majestic Foils
Flesh and Blood Uprising Box #4 Majestic Cards
Majestic Non-Foils

Uprising cards value

When checking the prices on Cardmarket I get the following values for my pulls, in order from most to least valuable.

VipoxMajesticFoil1.50 euro
Invoke Dracona OptimaiMajesticNon-Foil1.50 euro
Spellfire CloakCommonCold Foil1 euro
SemblanceMajesticFoil1 euro
Double StrikeMajesticNon-Foil0.90 euro
VipoxMajesticNon-Foil0.20 euro
Frost HexMajesticNon-Foil0.20 euro
ThawMajesticNon-Foil0.20 euro
EncaseMajesticNon-Foil0.10 euro
Combustion PointMajesticNon-Foil0.05 euro

This gives a total return of 6.65 euro for this box. With a box price of 66 euro as stated in Flesh and Blood TCG: Uprising Box opening #1 this gives a return of investment of only 10%. Pretty disappointing. But it doesn’t feel way because the third box of this case paid for the full case and then some more! Do know that the variance between boxes can be big though.

In the future I will probably post case openings rather than box openings, partly because it is less work and partly because only few people look at these articles, I’d rather invest my time in something more worthwhile! These articles are however still fun to make, so who knows what the future will bring!

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