Flesh and Blood TCG: Uprising Box opening #2

Flesh and Blood TCG Uprising Booster Box

I’m back with the second box opening of my two Uprising cases! If you haven’t seen my first box opening yet then make sure to check out my Flesh and Blood TCG: Uprising Box opening #1 post. The pulls weren’t really exciting, but that’s all about to change! It was some real piece of last-pack magic as I had to wait until the very last pack to get the best pull I’ve ever had so far!

Let’s start with the pulls. Afterwards I’ll discuss the value. If you are ever interested in buying a box yourself then I’m sure eBay has a lot of good deals, click here to see the cheapest Buy It Now boxes available.

Uprising pulls

I pulled my first Legendary card in this box! As a Rainbow Foil it is less rare than a Cold Foil but still a very nice treat, this is what makes opening boxes so much fun. It also is my first Legendary card ever. Before starting to open these two cases I had opened one box of every set, without luck so far.

Flesh and Blood Uprising Box #2 Crown of Providence Rainbow Foil
Crown of Providence Rainbow Foil
Flesh and Blood Uprising Box #2 Burn Them All Cold Foil
Burn Them All Cold Foil
Flesh and Blood Uprising Box #2 Insidious Chill Rainbow Foil
Insidious Chill Rainbow Foil
Flesh and Blood Uprising Box #2 Majestic cards
Majestic Non-Foils

Uprising cards value

This box definitely will be worth its money after pulling the best Legendary of Uprising. So let’s quickly check the numbers.

When checking the prices on Cardmarket I get the following values for my pulls, in order from most to least valuable.

Crown of ProvidenceLegendaryRainbow Foil160 euro
Burn Them AllMajesticCold Foil11 euro
Insidious ChillMajesticRainbow Foil3 euro
Insidious ChillMajesticNon-Foil0.80 euro
LiquefyMajesticNon-Foil0.15 euro
Fog DownMajesticNon-Foil0.10 euro
RewindMajesticNon-Foil0.10 euro
SemblanceMajesticNon-Foil0.10 euro
FrightmareMajesticNon-Foil0.05 euro

This gives a total return of 175.30 euro for this box! And with a box price of 66 euro as stated in Flesh and Blood TCG: Uprising Box opening #1 this gives a return of investment of 266%! Pretty awesome, right?

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