First Dave and Adam’s Card World Europe order!

Ever since I received a reply on social media about my Where to buy boxes of Topps, Panini and Upper Deck sports cards in Europe? article I have wanted to place an order at Dave & Adam’s Card World Europe. Last week I’ve finally done so! I made the order on Wednesday and it arrived already on Friday, I’m very happy about the turnaround time and about the fact that they have almost all product imaginable available in their store. Plus I received free gifts too!

My order

Quite frankly the 2022 Panini Prizm FIFA World Cup Soccer Hobby box was kind of expensive for me, but with the hype about the World Cup I didn’t want to miss out on it.

Over the next weeks I’ll be writing several articles about each product, ranging from the box opening itself to print run information and price discussion.

Free gifts

Dave & Adam’s Card World Europe were kind enough to include free gifts with all purchases at the time being, and they were cool to open! They were regular Topps Chrome Bundesliga 2021/22 packs as can be seen below.

Dave and Adam's Card World Europe free gift Topps Bundesliga 2021/22 packs

The pulls

Those four packs gave me some nice pulls, images of which can be seen below. And even though I don’t like to include negativity in this post, I feel like I have to say that for this product the print quality is really bad, nearly every card has dents or big edge dings, I feel like I should share that. But nevertheless I’m really happy with the free gifts! And Dave & Adam’s Card World Europe are in no way to blame for this, this is a Topps print quality problem.

Topps Bundesliga 2021/22 Donyell Malen Sparkle Foil
Donyell Malen Sparkle Foil
Topps Bundesliga 2021/22 Inserts
Topps Bundesliga 2021/22 Rookie Cards
Rookie Cards

In the end the cards are nothing big money-wise, but they are free! And the Sparkle Foil is definitely a beauty, I would almost start collecting them all, if it would fit in my budget. Maybe someday!

Final words

Overall I’m very happy with my Dave & Adam’s Card World Europe order and I can recommend it to everyone in Europe. Price-wise they are competitive too, perhaps they are 5 euro more expensive on some product, but they offer faster shipping times and a wider product lineup in response. And they give out free stuff!

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