Panini Prizm World Cup 2022 Qatar Hobby Box Break

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I’m excited to share the results of opening my Panini Prizm World Cup 2022 Qatar Hobby Box! At 475 euro is was far from being a bargain, but hopefully it will all be worth it! Click here to check for how much they are selling on eBay right now.

My pulls

Let’s immediately get to my pulls!

Panini Prizm World Cup 2022 Qatar Hobby Box numbered cards

My numbered hits are Takumi Minamino Red #/399, Joachim Andersen Red #/399, Jack Grealish Maroon #/22 and Lionel Messi Blue #/299.

The Lionel Messi Blue #/299 hit appeared within the first two packs of the twelve packs in the box and meant I was almost breakeven on my box already at the start, so that made the rest of the box even more enjoyable!

After that I got two less exciting Red #/399 hits, but with one of them being a Rookie Card everything is still on the table! After that I knew I had only one more numbered hit left, and it didn’t look like that much of a great hit at first, but only when I checked the serial I noticed that it was a Maroon #/22 card! I’m always excited to pull low pop cards, even though perhaps Jack Grealish cards don’t commend that much value.

Panini Prizm World Cup 2022 Qatar Hobby Box unnumbered cards and auto

Next up are the unnumbered hits: Saeid Ezatolahi Pink, Denzel Dumfries Ice, Alisson Hyper, Jackson Irvine Hyper and an International Ink Paul Ince autograph.

Nothing majorly exciting here, no big autograph unfortunately. However pulling Dutch players is always extra nice being from The Netherlands, regardless of their value.

Panini Prizm World Cup 2022 Qatar Hobby Box Silver cards

And lastly we have the Silver hits. First we have two inserts, Lucas Hernández from Global Reach and Jonathan David from Scorers Club. Then we have the regular Silver cards: Kasper Dolberg, Facundo Pellistri, Karim Adeyemi and Cody Gakpo.

Again, nothing to get overly excited about, though I am very happy about pulling a Cody Gakpo card! I’ll definitely be holding it for a long time hoping for him to have a great international career. Let’s hope he can score some goals for The Netherlands this World Cup!

Panini Prizm World Cup 2022 Qatar Hobby Box cards

I’m ending this section with a picture of all my regular cards together. On the bottom there’s the regular insert cards and on top there’s the regular base cards, split into a Rookie Card pile on the right, and the non-rookies on the left.

The value

As usual I’ll also include a section about the box value. Let’s start with a summary of the value of my pulls, excluding base cards and cards under $5 to keep it simple. Most values will be estimates as there is no real consensus for the cards yet, the estimates are based on eBay sales.

Lionel MessiBlue #/299$300-400
Jack GrealishMaroon #/22$50
Paul InceInternational Ink Auto$30
Cody GakpoSilver$20
Card values

This gives us a total of $400-500 and the box cost me 475 euro which was about $495 when I purchased it, so not bad at all! Next to that we have the other hits yielding probably another $20 and the regular base cards yielding an average of $88, because there are 120 base cards in a box and 300 base cards in total with a complete set costing $220 as can be seen on eBay here. So the total value is perhaps even closer to $510-610.

This is all thanks to the Lionel Messi Blue #/299 pull of course, and having taken a closer look at the card I may send it in for grading and hope for a PSA 10. The surface of the card makes me worry a little bit due to it possibly having small print lines and never having graded a Panini Prizm card before, but the centering, edges and corners are definitely good.


In the end I am very happy with this box, it was quite expensive with quite some risk involved, but I really wanted to get some World Cup content out while it’s still hot. Opening this box was really an enjoyable experience and I feared twelve packs was not going to be a lot, but that fear was misplaced, I took my time opening the box and each pack was enjoyable because there always was potential for a nice card.

My next post will be about the print run numbers and pull rates, so stay tuned for that! Follow me on Twitter or Instagram to never miss a thing.

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