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My goal with this article is to provide easily accessible print run numbers and pull rates for the new Sorcery: Contested Realm Trading Card Game. In my opinion especially the Alpha set shows a lot of similarities to Magic the Gathering.

I feel like Sorcery: Contested Realm will be a fantastic game, they have had a very successful Kickstarter campaign as can also be seen in my Kickstarter TCG Booster Box Guide article.

It is however hard to find exact up-to-date print run numbers, so I’ll do my best to provide them as clearly as possible. Data is taken from their Living Roadmap updates among other sources. Please let me know if any data is wrong or if you’ve got additional sources available.

In my opinion all cards feature beautiful artwork which covers the card almost entirely, so that is a huge plus as well. Check out this query on eBay to see some nice examples!

Print run numbers

First I want to show overall print run numbers for all available product. As of now this section is still limited though, but I am confident it will be expanded in the future.

Main sets

It appears that the first set of the game does not actually have a name, so I will just name it Base here, though similar to Magic the Gathering we can expect the sets to be called Alpha, Beta, etc.

SetPrint RunPrint Run SizeOut of Print
BaseAlpha29,000 BoxesYes
Main sets

Supplementary product

Please note that the Alpha print run of the supplementary product was only available in the Kickstarter campaign. Alpha and Beta Preconstructed Deck Sets consist of Fire, Earth, Water and Wind decks.

ProductPrint RunPrint Run SizeOut of Print
Preconstructed Deck SetAlpha7,013 Deck SetsYes
BinderAlpha1,225 BindersYes
PlaymatsAlpha7,125 PlaymatsYes
Preconstructed Deck SetBetaUnknownNo
Supplementary product

Pull rates and estimated number of copies

The numbers below are estimated as of now as no exact print run data has been announced, we do however know the number of booster packs produced as well as the relative odds, so we can calculate the following.


Alpha Booster Boxes contain 39 booster packs and together with the 7,013 extra booster packs that can be found in the Preconstructed Deck Sets we have a total of 1,138,013 booster packs. Please keep in mind that the estimated number of cards do not account for cards printed in the Preconstructed Deck Sets.

Within these packs you can find 15 cards in total, with the following distribution:

  • 1 Elite or Unique card, with a 20% chance on a Unique card
  • 3 Exceptional cards
  • 10 Ordinary cards, with a 25% chance on one of them being a Foil
  • 1 Ordinary Site or Sorcerer Avatar card

Foil distribution is as follows:

  • 1 in 17 foils is a Unique card
  • 3 in 17 foils is an Elite card
  • 6 in 17 foils is an Exceptional card
  • 7 in 17 foils is an Ordinary card

Furthermore, the set consists of 403 cards in total:

  • 67 Unique cards (49 Spellbook, 18 Atlas)
  • 103 Elite cards (88 Spellbook, 15 Atlas)
  • 128 Exceptional cards (106 Spellbook, 22 Atlas)
  • 105 Ordinary cards (93 Spellbook, 12 Atlas)
RarityPull rateCardsPull rate per cardEstimate
Foil Unique1:68 packs671:4,556 packs249
Foil Elite1:22.67 packs1031:2,334.67 packs487
Foil Exceptional1:11.33 packs1281:1,450.67 packs784
Foil Ordinary1:9.71 packs1051:1,020 packs1,115
Unique1:5 packs671:335 packs3,397
Elite1:1.25 packs1031:128.75 packs8,838
Exceptional3:1 packs1281:42.67 packs26,670
Ordinary9.75:1 packs921:9.44 packs120,604
Ordinary Site¹1:1 packs131:13 packs87,539

¹ This slot may also contain a Sorcerer Avatar card.

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Final words

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