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In this article you will find an overview of the Booster Box prices of Trading Card Games released on the crowd-funding platform Kickstarter. Hopefully this information can be used in a variety of ways, like collecting, investing, or maybe even for doing research on your own TCG! It can also simply serve as a price reference. I will conclude with a small analysis on the available information.

The data

In the sections below you can find all TCG’s released via Kickstarter together with their delivery or expected delivery date, Booster Box price at the time of backing and current Booster Box price. I have subdivided the games in three different sections depending on the amount that was pledged.

For the backer prices I have taken the price of the cheapest tier that offers a booster box, in most cases this is a single booster box. In some cases the booster box price has been calculated by subtracting different tiers. The lowest tier may for example only include starter decks and the next tier may include a booster box and starter decks, in that case the booster box price can be calculated by subtracting one from the other.

For ease of shopping every game name is also an eBay link to their respective Kickstarter edition booster boxes. Current prices are based on eBay sold listings with the data last having been updated on August 17, 2023. Please keep in mind that there may be large disparities between realized prices and asking prices of active listings.

Over $1M pledged

GameDeliveryBacker PriceCurrent Price
ElestralsAug 2023$99$175
Sorcery: Contested RealmSep 2022$130$800
Booster Box Prices – TCG’s pledged over $1M

$100K to $1M pledged

GameDeliveryBacker PriceCurrent Price
Fables-SQ1 2024$80
DrakerionDec 2023€30
Knights & SummonsDec 2023$130
Alpha ClashMay 2023$80$85
RiseMay 2023€119$150
OtherverseJan 2023$120$60
Back Alley MagesNov 2022$89$75
KryptikNov 2022$111$120
Grand ArchiveSep 2022$75$350
CannaBeast GamingSep 2022$169$150
MaelstromAug 2022$60Not Fulfilled
NostalgixJun 2022$99$50
PolywogJun 2022$65$20
AkoraDec 2021£100$100
Booster Box Prices – TCG’s pledged $100K to $1M

$10K to $100K pledged

GameDeliveryBacker PriceCurrent Price
Monster CrownDec 2024$80
Animal KingdomMar 2024£108
FlawedFeb 2024$100
MythrelDec 2023$89$125
Gem BlendersDec 2023$75
Monster’s GlareNov 2023$79
DynastySep 2023£170
StarcrossedSep 2023$75No Sales
LifeJun 2023£80$300
I Am ChampionMay 2023$125No Sales
LoreMay 2023$75
InterstellarApr 2023$150$80
MythikMar 2023$99No Sales
PrimalFeb 2023$85$120
VanquishersDec 2022$90No Sales
RuneslingersDec 2022CA$ 92$75
ScamperlandSep 2022$89No Sales
Arcana ResurgenceMar 2022$50Not Fulfilled
HistoricaFeb 2022$75$70
MetaZooNov 2020$50$2,500
Booster Box Prices – TCG’s pledged $10K to $100K

The analysis

At the risk of stating the obvious I will list my findings here:

  • Games that have a large backing, either in funds or in amount of backers, tend to be more successful.
  • Games that offer a unique element tend to be more successful. This can be gameplay, artwork or anything else.
  • In some cases the projects do not deliver. This is the risk of backing a Kickstarter campaign.
  • It is hard to recover your investment for games that are not a tremendous success.
  • It may sometimes be hard to get hold of Kickstarter product at reasonable prices, this applies mostly to games with a smaller backing that are gaining popularity.
  • Games with a small backing can still gain popularity at a later date, in that case Kickstarter edition booster boxes can gain a lot of value quickly. One example of this is MetaZoo.


I partly made this article because I was interested whether I should back some Kickstarter games, and I think that by looking at my data and my analysis I have come to the conclusion that it can definitely be interesting to do so!

One does have to be careful that the games actually have something unique to offer or the game should be backed by lots of people, in that case it may be interesting! By backing a campaign you will often also get Promo Cards and other stretch goals, for popular games they are also most definitely worth their value! And if binders or other accessories are available as add-ons then they are often also worth picking up, either for storing your collection or for recouping some of your investment!

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