Three tips on how to find the language of a Pokemon Card

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Are you looking for how to find out the language of a Pokemon Card? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here are some tips that you can use.

Please note that these tips only work for Western cards, if you cannot read the text then odds are high that it is a Japanese card. Other possibilities are Chinese, Korean and Russian.

Check how the HP symbol is called

Normally the HP line can be found on the top right corner of a Pokemon card, it for example says 120 HP on some English cards.

The following notations for HP are used with the following languages:

  • HP: English
  • PV: French
  • KP: German
  • PI: Spanish
  • PV: Italian
  • PS: Portuguese
  • IP: Dutch

This method works best with Pokemon cards as they have an HP line, it does not work great with for example Trainer and Energy cards.

Search for the exact card name

Search for the exact card name on sites like eBay and you will often find results that also show the language. This also works via Google. Sometimes you even find a graded card listing and in that case the language is shown on the label.

Translate part of the card

Using services like Google Translate it is possible to detect the language when you type a couple of words that are printed on the card. Just make sure that you use an ability description or the flavor text as ability names themselves may be ambiguous or not actual words.


Hopefully these tips helped you find the language of the card!

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