Topps Chrome Star Wars Black 2022 Box Break

Topps Chrome Star Wars Black 2022

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It’s time for another Box Break! I actually opened this one a while ago but never got around to posting about it, now the time has finally come.

It’s a box of Topps Chrome Star Wars Black 2022, for which I paid 90 euro about half a year ago. Currently they cost about $100 on eBay, click here to find the most up-to-date prices.

As this box only consists of one encased autograph card and a pack of three cards I decided to post all of my pulls in this article, you can see them below.

The pulls

Topps Chrome Star Wars Black 2022 C'ai Threnalli Autograph
C’ai Threnalli Autograph
Topps Chrome Star Wars Black 2022 Chewbacca Gold
Chewbacca Gold /50
Topps Chrome Star Wars Black 2022 Kit Fisto Parallel
Kit Fisto Parallel /199
Topps Chrome Star Wars Black 2022 General Grievous
General Grievous

The value

It looks you are guaranteed one parallel next to the encased autograph so it seems like I got lucky here to get two parallels, with the Gold Chewbacca being a very nice pull!

When looking at the values of the cards we have the following breakdown.

ChewbaccaGold /50$25
C’ai ThrenalliAutograph$5
Kit FistoParallel /199$5
General GrievousBase$4

This gives us a total value of $39, which means a 39% return with the current prices. That’s not too great, you really need to hit big in this product to win.


It still was a fun opening though! Unfortunately it is a short opening with so few cards, but at least they do retain some value this way. It does feel like a premium product this way, and that was exactly the intention of Topps.

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