Where to buy a Pokemon Booster Box for cheap?

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Are you wondering where to find Pokemon Booster Boxes and Booster Packs for cheap? Here’s my list of places to find them.


eBay is a great place to find boxes for competitive prices. Sellers consist of businesses, flippers and people selling the boxes for various reasons, which may net you a good deal. I highly recommend looking at the auctions currently in progress, as boxes and also packs could sell for less than their value if only a few people are interested.

Click here to see eBay’s current offers. You may want to further refine this search by adding the set you are looking for to your query.


Amazon is basically a storefront for businesses, although individuals can also sell their products there. I think it is always worthwhile to check if there are any good deals available.

Click here to see Amazon’s current offers. Similarly to eBay you may want to further refine your search query.


TCGplayer can be best compared to eBay, except it is for trading cards only and it does not offer auctions. I expect that you will find the same category of sellers as on eBay, so be sure to check it out!

Pokemon boxes can be found here on TCGplayer. Make sure that you either search for the specific set you are interested in, or that you sort the products by Best Selling.

The European equivalent of TCGplayer is Cardmarket.

Online stores

Another option is online stores, ranging from specific Pokemon or trading card game stores to more general stores. Be on the lookout for any store that is running some kind of promotion, maybe there’s a good deal to be found!

Local Game Stores (LGS)

Local Game Stores are a kind of Hobby shop where you can buy trading cards and usually also play the trading card games. While booster box prices are usually higher in LGS’s, it is also a place where you can sell your (bulk) cards and get a discount this way. Bulk rates usually are between 1-5 cents depending on the cards and state of the market.

Other considerations

There also exist different ways to get boxes and packs cheaper.


On some platforms it is possible to directly buy cases of product, with a case usually consisting of six booster boxes, at a discounted price. Essentially whenever a product gets unpacked the seller wants a markup because it takes more effort to sell, you notice this when going from booster cases, to booster boxes, to booster packs.

Physical stores

Big physical stores, like Target and Walmart, sometimes run promotions where you can get some products significantly cheaper than the market price. They can do this because they want to make a profit on average over all of their products combined, whereas smaller companies or individuals need to make a profit on all of their sales.

One thing to keep in mind is that this usually applies to booster packs, blister packs and collection boxes, so the number of packs obtainable via this method is smaller.

Final words

Hopefully this article has helped you to find Pokemon Booster Boxes or Booster Packs at a cheap price!

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