Everything about Alpha Clash TCG’s Kickstarter Rewards

Alpha Clash Trading Card Game

In this article I want to explain everything about Alpha Clash TCG‘s Kickstarter Rewards, ranging from the reward breakdown to the pull rates and number of available copies of each card.

Visit the Kickstarter project page if you want to read more about the history of this project, and check out eBay here if you still want to have a chance to obtain the rewards exclusive to Kickstarter backers!

Kickstarter Rewards

First I will list all available rewards grouped per tier, making no distinction between the Early Bird and regular variants of each tier. Promo card stretch goals will be listed separately. Prices listed are for the most commonly sold variant, this mostly depends on whether the Early Bird variant has sold out.

All packs, boxes and cases listed are from the Kickstarter print of the The Awakening set, Alpha Clash TCG’s very first set. The LGS tiers are only available to Brick & Mortar stores.

Rogue242$352-Player Clash Kit
Discarded182$90Booster Box
3 Blister Packs
Harbinger429$120Booster Box
2-Player Clash Kit
5 Blister Packs
Alpha Hunter211$2403 Booster Boxes
2-Player Clash Kit
5 Blister Packs
Creator14$3503 Booster Boxes
2-Player Clash Kit
Magnate Playmat
Creator goods
Alpha42$4506 Booster Boxes
2-Player Clash Kit
Magnate Playmat
5 Blister Packs
Contender5$6008 Booster Boxes
2 2-Player Clash Kits
5 Blister Packs
LGS Rogue8$6506 Booster Boxes
Sealed Clash Kit Case
40 Blister Packs
Tournament Kit
Progenitor51$850Sealed Booster Case
2 2-Player Clash Kits
10 Blister Packs
Magnate Playmat
LGS Alpha24$1,5002 Sealed Booster Cases
2 Sealed Clash Kit Cases
Sealed Blister Case
2 Tournament Kits
Progenitor+9$1,7002 Sealed Booster Cases
3 2-Player Clash Kits
6 Blister Packs
Magnate Playmat
Moxie Playmat
The Creator’s Choice1$3,0003 Sealed Booster Cases
Sealed Clash Kit Case
Sealed Blister Case
Magnate Playmat
Moxie Playmat
Softcover Graphic Novel
The Creator’s Choice Exclusive13$3,5003 Sealed Booster Cases
Sealed Clash Kit Case
Sealed Blister Case
Magnate Playmat
Moxie Playmat
Signed Hardcover Graphic Novel
Exclusive Sketch Card
2 Sample Print Run Booster Packs
Magnate Sleeve Set
Moxie Sleeve Set
The Awakened5$5,555Sample Print Run Uncut Sheet
Sample Print Run Sealed Booster Box
5 Sealed Booster Cases
2 Sealed Clash Kit Cases
2 Sealed Blister Cases
Magnate Playmat
Moxie Playmat
Signed Hardcover Graphic Novel
Exclusive Sketch Card
2 Sample Print Run Booster Packs
Magnate Sleeve Set
Moxie Sleeve Set
Kickstarter Rewards

Because several stretch goals have been achieved all backers will also receive the following Stretch Goal Cards:

  • Energy Explosion
  • Plasmax
  • Torque, the Diabolical
  • Clarity, the Ageless Defender
  • Mean-Streak, Ready to Brawl
  • 4x Incoming Support
  • Haven, Hiding in Plain Sight
  • 4x Solar Flare

Kickstarter Rewards Print Run

In this section I will discuss the print runs of each item, this was initially calculated by taking the reward tiers into account, but it was not fully complete as one can also buy add-ons on Kickstarter, for which no public information is provided by Kickstarter itself.

Thankfully the Alpha Clash TCG community has since originally posting this article pointed me towards the exact print run number data. They can be found in the official Discord server, and are also available in this spreadsheet.

Reward tier data

Based on the reward tiers we have the following data:

  • Total funding: $422,809
  • Funding via reward tiers: $327,615
  • Funding via add-ons: $95,194
  • Clash Kits: 1,877 minimum
  • Booster Boxes: 3,834 minimum
  • Blister Packs: 11,777 minimum

It is also worth noting that over half of the rewards have been sold via the Contender and higher tiers. Likely some of the product will slowly make its way onto the market, for example via eBay.

Exact print run data

When looking at the exact print runs we have the following data:

  • Clash Kits: 2,500
  • Booster Boxes: 4,992
  • Blister Packs: 20,880

This means that a fair share of them have been added as add-ons. The majority of the money spent on add-ons has likely been spent on Booster Boxes and exclusive Promo Cards.

This means that there are 140,688 Kickstarter Packs out there in total. And as 1 in 10 of Clash Kits offer a special Chase Foil version of the AxO card it also means that only 250 of them should exist.

Master Sets

One important thing to consider though is that 50 Master Sets have been made, these are sets that contain at least one of every card that can be found in Clash Kits and Booster Boxes.

These Master Sets could not be directly bought. Some were given to people who had put in countless hours to make Alpha Clash happen, some were used for marketing purposes and some others are potentially still in storage.

When looking at the data I found the following:

  • 50 of the 1,000 Alpha Rare cards exist in Master Sets, so only 950 are available in Kickstarter Packs.
  • 100 extra Chase Foil AxO cards exist in Master Sets, so in total 350 exist.
  • The regular AxO card is the only card not in Master Sets, so only 2,250 of those exist.

The Awakening Kickstarter Print Pull Rates

Now we are at the point where we can combine all data gathered so far and calculate the pull rates and print runs of the cards in the Kickstarter print of the The Awakening set.

With Booster Boxes containing 24 Booster Packs each and Blister Packs added we know that there are 140,688 Packs in total that can contain the exclusive Alpha Rare variant of Alpha Aster, Giver of All, of which exactly 950 copies can be found in the Kickstarter Packs.

Booster Pack Contents

Looking at the back of the packs we can see the following text: This booster pack contains 9 additional trading cards, including 5 Common, 2 Uncommon, 1 Rare, and one guaranteed foil Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Iconic Rare, Legendary or Alpha Rare card.

Furthermore, it looks like the Rare slot has a 1:3 chance of containing a Foil Rare card and the foil slot can contain any kind of foil card, including the most rare Legendary and Alpha Rare cards.

Changed pull rates

On 22 March, 2023 it has been communicated that the pull rates have been changed as follows:

  • 1 guaranteed foil in every pack, with 1:6 having an additional foil in the pack (Previously was 1:3 packs had the extra foil).
  • Legendary 1:96 packs now (3 per case) (previously was 1:144).
  • Epics 1:6 packs (previously was 1:8).

I haven’t been able to find a publicly available source for this, but the calculated number of copies exactly matches the print run data with these changes, so it seems to be correct.

Booster Pack Odds and Pull Rates

In the table below you can see the pull rates for the different available rarities and the exact number of available copies, formatted as the amount that can be found in the packs plus the amount that exist in Master Sets.

Cards available within Clash Kits are not counted as this only applies to some cards of the lower rarities. In a later article I will take a deep dive into the Foil pull rates.

RarityPull rateCardsPull rate per cardCopies
Alpha Rare1:148.1 packs11:148.1 packs950 + 50
Legendary1:96 packs21:192 packs733 + 50
Iconic Rare1:12 packs51:60 packs2,345 + 150
Epic1:6 packs131:78 packs1,804 + 50
Rare0.83:1 packs201:24 packs5,862 + 0
Uncommon1.9:1 packs331:17.39 packs8,090 + 0
Common5.23:1 packs491:9.37 packs15,017 + 0
The Awakening Kickstarter Print

Not mentioned are the Box Toppers and Case Toppers. Specifically the Iconic Art Rare Case Toppers are worth mentioning. There exist five of these cards and they are available randomly as Case Toppers.

There are 83 copies of each Iconic Art Rare that can be found as a Case Topper, and 50 copies of each exist in Master Sets. That gives a total of 133 copies for each card.

Final words

Hopefully this overview has helped you learn more about Alpha Clash. May the game have an exciting future ahead!

I’ll try to keep this article updated whenever more information becomes available! Meanwhile you may consider liking this post or subscribing to my newsletter on the Home page, or following one of my social media channels like Twitter or Instagram.

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  1. If you join the Alpha Clash discord, you will have access to the population report and this would help you correct the population information you have shared here. Instead of estimated populations you would have the exact print runs for all Kickstarter SKUs, as well as populations of each individual card from Patreon through Kickstarter. Hope this helps!

    1. Thank you! I’ll rewrite my article very soon for it to be correct.

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