Topps Chrome Star Wars Mandalorian Box Break

Topps Chrome Star Wars Mandalorian Box

I’m back with a new Box Break! This time I opened a single box of Topps Chrome Star Wars Mandalorian, it features cards exclusively from the Star Wars series The Mandalorian. In some places this box is also referred to as Topps Chrome Star Wars The Mandalorian Beskar Edition.

I bought my box recently for 115 euro and on eBay they currently can be acquired for $95-100, click here to find their current price.

What I like most about this set is the amount of cards that Grogu features in. Who can not like this little guy? Even though he’s 50 years old already! With Season 3 airing in just a few days it is very cool to see the characters and scenes from the first two seasons once again.

Let’s now head to the best part of the box break, the pulls!

The pulls

Topps Chrome Star Wars Mandalorian Ahsoka Tano Orange Comic Cover
Ahsoka Tano Comic Cover

By far the best pull from this box is the Orange Refractor #/25 of Ahsoka Tano. A very cool character in a nice color in a nice rarity, what more do you need?

Topps Chrome Star Wars Mandalorian Ahsoka's Ultimatum Purple
Ahsoka’s Ultimatum

Turns out having enough Ahsoka’s is not a thing, with this nice Ahsoka’s Ultimatum in Purple Refractor #/75 rarity. The card is quite dark so it’s hard to take a nice picture of it, but it’s still a cool card, and even more so once you’ve seen this scene!

Topps Chrome Star Wars Mandalorian Alpha Trawler Autograph
Alpha Trawler Autograph

And we’ve also got the guaranteed autograph of course in this box, featuring Tait Fletcher as Alpha Trawler. Unfortunately not a big character in the show, he never really got a chance for that.

Topps Chrome Star Wars Mandalorian Refractors and Portrait Cards
Refractors and portrait cards

One thing that has to be said about this set is that it features a lot of landscape cards, as it leans big on showing scenes. In turn this makes the regular portrait cards more rare, and with the bottom three being Refractor cards I think they are a worthy mention.

Topps Chrome Star Wars Mandalorian Comic Cover Inserts
Comic Cover Inserts
Topps Chrome Star Wars Mandalorian Armored & Ready Inserts
Armored & Ready Inserts
Topps Chrome Star Wars Mandalorian Concept Art Inserts
Concept Art Inserts

And lastly we have three insert sets: Comic Cover, Armored & Ready and Concept Art. I think they are all beautiful, each showing a unique piece of art and more than deserving of a place in this post, even though they are not special pulls.

The value

The next topic is the value. Was this box worth it? Being located in Europe I had to pay 115 euro for it, but as can be seen on eBay here they cost about $95-100 right now. I bought the box three months ago from Dave & Adam’s Europe, they now sell them for cheaper, that being 95 euro per box.

The best hit is the Ahsoka Tano Comic Cover Orange Refractor #/25, I can’t seem to find any comparisons right now, but looking at other Comic Cover inserts and other colors I would put it at $60. It looks like it would sell for $100+ with Buy It Now, but if someone were to auction it then $30 would also be a possibility.

Next up is the Alpha Trawler unnumbered autograph, which sells for $5 on eBay. Then we also have the Ahsoka’s Ultimatum Purple Refractor #/75 card, unfortunately yet again nothing special, it also sells for $5.

And lastly we have the inserts and regular base cards, including Refractor cards. For the latter category we have no big hits so I don’t think it is fair to count them. The inserts however are a little bit easier to sell, especially if you can get a complete set of them, so they have a bit more value. The Comic Cover inserts seem to sell for about $2 each, and the Armored & Ready and Concept Art inserts seem to sell for about $1 each, which gives us a total of $18.


In conclusion that puts this box at $88, which is about breakeven. It was quite fun to open though it could have used a little more color! But having gotten the orange Ahsoka card there really is nothing to complain about.

One thing that should be noted though is that the cards did come a bit curved out of the packs, I don’t think it’s a big deal and as far as I’m aware grading companies neither have an issue with it, but I just wanted it to be said.

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