Topps Chrome Bundesliga 2021-22 Lite Box Break

Topps Chrome Bundesliga 2021-22 Lite Box Opened

Hello everyone! I’m back with another box break, this time I’m opening a Topps Chrome Bundesliga 2021-22 Lite box. It is a pretty low-value rip, with boxes as low as $25 right now, as can be seen here on eBay. But nevertheless it still is a nice little thing to open.

And with that said, let’s head to over to the pulls section to see what one can expect from such a box.

The pulls

Topps Chrome Bundesliga 2021-22 Numbered Hits
Numbered hits

Up first are the numbered hits, we got some nice color with the X-Fractor Refractor (/250), Purple Refractor (/299) and Magenta Wave Refractor (/399) rarities. More information on the rarities can be found here.

Topps Chrome Bundesliga 2021-22 Gold RayWaves
Gold RayWaves

Up next are the Gold RayWave Refractor cards, these are exclusive to the Lite boxes and look really cool! They fall 1:4 packs and are unnumbered. The biggest player among my four pulls is Robert Lewandowski.

Topps Chrome Bundesliga 2021-22 Refractors

Next are the regular Refractor cards, with Robert Lewandowski making an appearance yet again.

Topps Chrome Bundesliga 2021-22 Inserts

And lastly we have some nice inserts.

The value

The box cost me 29.95 euro, which is a bit more expensive than the $25 you can buy it for on eBay right now.

Unfortunately this box did not offer much value-wise, not a single card was more than $2, though theoretically you could probably break-even if you would piece out every single card.

All in all you really shouldn’t expect more from a $25 box. It was a fun little opening and I don’t mind storing the cards for a while to see if any of them gain value.

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