Where to buy boxes of Topps, Panini and Upper Deck sports cards in Europe?

Collecting sports cards in Europe is a lot more difficult than in the United States, mainly because we have almost no big stores that are selling Topps, Panini and Upper Deck product.

One option is to import the cards directly from the United States, however that comes at a hefty cost. That cost being customs charges of 20-25% depending on your country of residence. Depending on the USD to EUR conversion rate this may be an interesting option. At the time of writing this article, in November 2022, this is not an interesting option with a conversion rate of about 1.

Buying from the United Kingdom was an interesting option too, however since Brexit this is subject to the same customs charges as mentioned above, so it is no longer applicable.

This combined leaves us with a third option, that is buying from European resellers. The boxes are often more expensive than they would be on eBay if you would live in the United States, however they are most often still cheaper than they would be if you would need to import them directly, and that is I think the result of the shops buying the boxes per case. I’ll discuss the few European resellers I know about in the section below.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some companies, Topps for example, mark the product down at a lower cost so the customs charges are significantly less, that however is not something you really want to rely on.

European resellers

Initially I had found three European resellers, one of which I’ve been using for quite some time already. Thanks to community feedback I can add a few more to the list, including a big one!

Dave & Adam’s Europe

Dave & Adam’s Europe is a very welcome addition to the European hobby, they are one of the bigger stores in the United States, and finally we have one of them operating in Europe! They even have a retail store in The Netherlands, I’m definitely planning to give them a visit. They seem to carry a big array of Topps, Panini and Upper Deck product and even some more other product. Price-wise they are not significantly cheaper than other resellers on most product but definitely have some deals out there, and they have some nice case discounts too. Their shipping rates vary between 5 euro and 19 euro as can be seen on their Shipping page, but it becomes free when you order more than 500 euro worth of product. I think it is great that we have Dave & Adam’s as an option in Europe too!

Inside the Box

Inside the Box has a fairly big selection of Topps, Panini and Upper Deck product available split over various sports and franchises. Sometimes product is not in stock but they usually restock them pretty fast. I’ve personally been using them for a while and I never had problems with them, I would recommend them! For me shipping to The Netherlands is about 9 euro, which is not expensive at all, and boxes are quickly several hundreds of euros so it is not a big deal. They are located in Germany.

Trace ‘n Chase

Trace ‘n Chase is a reseller located in Greece, I found out about them only recently. They seem to have a reasonable sports product range from Topps, Panini and Upper Deck but definitely have less products available than Inside the Box and do not seem to carry a lot of other franchises, like Star Wars for example, either. However I found that they can supplement Inside the Box whenever their product is temporarily available, and you can buy complete cases too. Personally I have never used them, but I likely will in the future, everything is looking legit so far. Their shipping is a lot more expensive at 22 euro, but it does become free at about 300 euro worth of product.

Q’s cards

Q’s cards was the newest reseller I had found, located in The Netherlands, I would advice to proceed with caution as they are new, but so far everything seems legit. I probably will order something soon so I can update this article accordingly, shipping for me is only 6 euro and for other countries it will range between 8 and 20 euro depending on your country, more information about that is available on their Orders & Delivery page. Shipping is free above 500 or 750 euro, again depending on your country of residence. They don’t seem to carry that a lot of product yet, but I’m sure that will change. It is always worth checking them out as they may have exactly what you need!


YoCardo is the newest addition to the list. To be honest they don’t seem to have the best prices out there, but as always it can’t hurt to check them out. I personally haven’t used them and currently have no plans to do so. When buying please use your due diligence and when paying with PayPal things rarely can go wrong.

Final notes

European buyers don’t have the best options available unfortunately, but at the same time I’m glad that we still have several options available! I would really recommend checking out all options, including buying directly from the United States, for every purchase you intend to make. One advantage of the European resellers however is that product will likely arrive within a week, whereas when importing it can take several weeks.

I hope I covered all European resellers that exist, if not then please message me on Twitter or Instagram. Submitting a query via my Contact page is of course always an option too!

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