Creating digital AI artwork with Midjourney

Robot Painting a Picture Artwork

It is time for another Personal post to show what I have been up to lately!

I have been playing around with AI artwork recently but not having had much success until a few days ago. I will explain why I suddenly had success!

The technology

Things finally started to fall into place when I started using Midjourney. With its Standard Plan you can effectively generate an unlimited amount of images, given that you have some patience. Combine that with ChatGPT to further refine the image prompts and suddenly you can create stunning images!

More details about the technology and where to order are available on my AI Art page, which I have also placed prominently on my website. Visitors from my new @FranksAIArt Twitter profile also land on that page.

The artwork

The artwork can be seen below, on my new Twitter account. Consider following it!

Final words

All in all I think this journey is really fun! It costs about $30 per month currently, but I can also use it to generate new stock images for my other articles! And all that without having to worry about copyright issues as AI images from text cannot be copyrighted and Midjourney allows commercial usage of the generated images on paid subscription plans.

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