Topps Chrome Tennis 2021 is an odd release

Topps Chrome Tennis 2021 Hobby Box

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Rumors of a Topps Chrome Tennis release surfaced long ago, already in 2022. Back then it popped up on one of Topps’ upcoming product slides. And now, after waiting a long time, it has finally arrived!

Don’t get your hopes up too quickly however, as it seems to be an odd release. Normally first year releases of Topps Chrome brands offer significant value and are quite investable, but I’m not sure if that is the case this time around. Read on to figure out why!

Overall Topps Chrome Tennis 2021 does seem like an interesting product to open and with a price point of $180 the price is still reasonable as well! Check out eBay for the latest offers for Topps Chrome Tennis 2021 boxes.

What is up with the release date?

When I first saw the product page I was stunned that they are releasing a 2021 product in 2023! Normally products feature players of at most one year old, so I fully expected it to be called Topps Chrome Tennis 2022 or Topps Chrome Tennis 2023.

Releasing it like this does not feel good, because it means that it won’t have the newest rookie players. And will we now get a 2022 product next year and always lag behind one year? Or will the releases catch up at the risk of over-saturating the market?

It also makes me wonder why the 2021 product only gets released now. Did Topps have trouble getting all autographs finished in time? Were there licensing issues? I guess we will never know.

Many important names are missing

This point is perhaps even worse. How can you release a premium Topps Chrome product and leave out so many important names? At the very least Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams should have been included! And even then there are still lots of important names missing. I truly don’t understand this. It really hurts the value of this product.

Only having 100 players featured in the Base Set also feels rather shallow, especially considering that this set encompasses both men’s and women’s tennis.

Print numbers are quite low

With an estimated 19,250 of Hobby Boxes produced there still is hope for this product. I think it depends on the answers to the following questions.

  • How desired will the autograph cards be?
  • Will any of the current rookies be future stars?
  • Will this product receive a new release each year?

For what its worth, the Topps Chrome Formula 1 2020 product did extremely well and it also had low print numbers with just about 40K Hobby Boxes. So Topps Chrome Tennis 2021 may still do well in the long run. And even though it does have Hobby Lite Boxes, there won’t be many autograph cards in there, so maybe their number won’t hurt the Hobby Box prices a lot.


Whether this product is right for you is something only you yourself can decide. If it has your favorite players and you like opening packs, then go ahead and give it a try! If you’re interested in investing in sports products, then it might not be a bad idea either. However, be aware that prices can drop, especially if this product is poorly received.

Personally I think that it is a shame that a long-awaited product like this is given such an odd release, I feel like things could’ve been a lot better! What do you think? Let me know in the comments! Have I been too negative in my article? Or perhaps even too positive?

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