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In this article I will answer the most relevant questions about the popular new NFT game Sorare.

What is Sorare?

Sorare is free-to-play fantasy game covering real-world Football, NBA and MLB competitions. Each player composes their own team of real-world players and their team’s performance is scored based on the actual performances of the players within the team. The player is effectively a manager.

In order to achieve this, every manager has a collection of real-world players in the form of NFT’s. Think of them like your physical sports cards from brands like Topps, etc. but now digitally.

Each manager can choose in which competitions their teams partake in and the top players will win rewards every Game Week, with two Game Weeks occurring every actual week. Rewards consist of cards and ETH prizes.

Cards come in different rarities: Common, Limited, Rare, Super Rare and Unique. They can be bought, sold and traded starting from Limited onward, as Common cards are just starting cards. As a rule of thumb each competition will let you play with cards of the same rarity and you can earn cards of that rarity and the very top managers can also sometimes earn cards of a rarity one tier higher, but exceptions do apply.

Sorare Football

Sorare Football started off with the 2018-2019 season and is now in its fifth season, the 2022-23 season.

In the first three seasons there were only cards with Rare, Super Rare and Unique rarities with 100, 10 and 1 copies of each player respectively. Starting from the 2021-22 season the Limited rarity has been added and in both seasons the players have 1,000 copies each.

Sorare Football Seasons
Sorare Football Seasons – @Sorare

Sorare NBA

Sorare NBA started with its first season in 2022-23 and it offers the same rarities as Sorare Football, but with a different number of cards per player. 5,000 Limited cards, 1,000 Rare cards, 100 Super Rare cards and 1 Unique card.

Sorare NBA Rarities
Sorare NBA Rarities – Sorare at

Sorare MLB

Sorare MLB is the newest kid on the block with its inaugural 2023 season about to start, it follows the same rarity schema as Sorare NBA which means that every player has 5,000 Limited cards, 1,000 Rare cards, 100 Super Rare cards and 1 Unique card.

Does Sorare use their own token?

Sorare‘s NFT’s are built on top of the Ethereum blockchain and can be bought and sold only directly with ETH. This means that Sorare does not need their own token, and they don’t have an interest in releasing one either. Sorare itself does offer other ways of purchasing the cards, for example with a credit card, but it does come with an added fee.

Behind the scenes there is actually a unique SOR token used to represent every unique card, but players do not need to deal with that process at all, it is managed by Sorare. Typically there is no need to transfer your cards outside the game either as they only have utility within the game and there is virtually no collectible market, the value of the cards is derived directly from their usage within the game.

How to make money by playing Sorare?

There are different ways to make money when playing Sorare, and for some ways you actually don’t even have to play Sorare, but knowledge of the game always helps!

Playing the game

The most common way to use the Sorare platform is by playing the game. There are several paths possible, just know that if you are to strictly play as a Free-to-play player then you will have a hard time obtaining Limited or rarer cards and making serious money, but you can have just as much fun as others!

The best way to earn money is to buy a set of Limited players and to use them every Game Week where they can be used. Expect to spend around $50-100 for a mediocre team. It is a lot easier to win if you have a really good team, but don’t be surprised if it costs $500-$1,000 or even more.

I can’t really make any recommendations on what players to buy and how much to spend, it really is best to just play the game and start with a limited budget that you can afford to lose if you chose to follow this path. From experience it does seem that Sorare NBA is easier to compete in than Sorare Football, on a limited budget at least.


Another way of earning money is by investing in players. Strategies include but are not limited to the following:

  • Speculating on players with high potential
  • Reacting quickly to live events
    • Line-up changes
    • Injuries
    • Transfers
    • etc.
  • Buying injured players and waiting for them to return
  • Buying cards during the off-season and waiting for the season to start

It is worth noting that transfers can be counter-intuitive, a player’s value is derived primarily from their scores and secondarily from the league they play in. This means that when a player moves into a tougher, more renowned, league their scores can actually decrease and so will their value. The reverse also holds when players move down a league, as that may actually be good for their value. This only applies to Sorare Football as of now.

Affiliate links

One last way of earning that I’ll cover in this article is affiliate links. The Sorare link in this article is an affiliate link for example, when someone registers through my link I will be awarded a Limited card once that player obtains five Limited cards. On top of that there is also a special Limited card bonus for just referring one friend and another special bonus for referring 30 friends, an Unique card in this case.

I would put the ballpark values of these cards at $5 for the Limited cards awarded and $500 for the Unique card awarded. It is no Get Rich Quick scheme, but every little bit helps, especially when all you want to do is play the game.

The goal when sharing affiliate links is in the first place to get others to click on the links, but they also need to complete an action, investing money into Sorare in this case, for the reward to be awarded to you. There are several platforms imaginable where you can share your link:

  • Private messages to friends
  • Twitter
  • Your own blog
  • Facebook
  • Reddit

Just be aware that not every platform appreciates affiliate links, and some will even ban you, so always read the rules. Inviting friends directly to play the game is perhaps the easiest way, because then you also have the opportunity to convince them if any doubt arises.

What competitions does Sorare offer?

Sorare offers different competitions based on the sport you are playing. This ranges from regular competitions to special event competitions.

Regular competition

Sorare NBA and Sorare MLB logically follow their NBA and MLB competitions. The situation for Sorare Football is a bit more complex.

Sorare Football offers the following top-level competitions:

Each of these competitions have a Draft mode available where players can draft special Common cards from the pool of all available players in order to win Limited cards.

Next to these top-level competitions Sorare also has a lot of other competitions available, for example the Eredivisie (The Netherlands), J1 League (Japan), Jupiler Pro League (Belgium) and Spor Toto Süper Lig (Turkey) competitions.

World Cup

Sorare Football offers special events such as the World Cup when the actual World Cup is happening, the premise of these events usually is that players do not need to own Limited or rarer cards but instead play with cards on the house and have the option to win some nice rewards.

With the 2022 World Cup this was achieved by using a special series of cards which are not eligible for regular competitions. And because they are special they may have some collectible value later down the road.

What tool is a must-have?

SorareData is the must-have tool for Sorare. It offers a great interface to search players given your search criteria, such as position, average score, competition, cost and much more.

I actually play decently in Sorare NBA solely because of SorareData. I know very little about basketball but SorareData has a score predictor embedded in their NBA Player finder, and so far it has helped me a lot!

How to get free cards in Sorare?

There are several ways of obtaining free Limited cards in Sorare, most of which have already been discussed above.

One of the possible ways is by playing in the Common-only competitions and then hitting the top rewards, this will earn you a Limited card in some of the competitions.

Another possible way is by using your affiliate link to recruit other players, this way you get one Limited card sort of for free after one successful recruitment and for the next Limited cards the recruited players need to acquire Limited cards themselves before you get your reward.

And lastly it is recommended to play in all of Sorare Football, Sorare NBA and Sorare MLB even if you are not interested in all of them, because you always have the chance to win a Limited card in the Common-only competitions. And you’ll be able to sell that card for ETH which you can subsequently use to buy Limited cards in your game of choice.

Final words

Hopefully your question was answered in this article, in any case feel free to reach out to me on my Twitter page or on my Instagram page, or to subscribe to the newsletter on my Home page!

Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links, and we may earn a commission on purchases you make, at no additional cost to you. Read more about it in my How do affiliate links work? article.

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