The benefits of storing your cards in a toploader binder

Gemloader Premium 3''X4'' Toploader Fit Collector's Binder Blue Front View

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In this post I want to show you what the benefits are of storing your cards in a toploader binder.

One such toploader binder I am using is one from Gemloader, which I reviewed in my Gemloader Premium 3”X4” Toploader Fit Collector’s Binder Review post, it is available via their official website. Another toploader binder, for example one from eBay, is also always an option.

The benefits

For me the most important thing of a toploader binder is not the binder itself, but the fact that you can store your cards in toploaders while still getting to enjoy maximum viewing pleasure. Yes, the binder is more bulky to handle, but you get the guarantee that your cards will remain as mint as they were when you pulled them out of your packs.

Whether you want to grade your cards in the near future or have no intention of grading them in the foreseeable future, it is always nice to keep all options open. And while it is true that you can still keep your cards mint in other types of binders, the risk of the cards getting damaged is simply higher. And why take that risk when you don’t need to? Especially if you are storing cards worth multiple hundreds of dollars.


I will also show the binder I am using, in this case I am using it for medium-term storage and I may grade any of these cards in the future, or simply sell them. As of now they are not part of any specific collection. This binder is completely filled with cards, them being mostly Formula 1 Topps Now and Topps Chrome cards, for a total of 216 cards.

Gemloader Premium 3''X4'' Toploader Fit Collector's Binder Blue First Page
First Page

One small downside of this binder is that the cards on the first page will not stay flat, but I don’t think it is that big of a deal.

Gemloader Premium 3''X4'' Toploader Fit Collector's Binder Blue Topps Chrome Cards
Topps Chrome cards

As you can see the cards do stay flat on other pages, and especially on the middle two pages.

Gemloader Premium 3''X4'' Toploader Fit Collector's Binder Blue Thickness: Side View
Thickness: Side View

And this is perhaps the most impressive picture, here you can truly see how thick the binder can get when it is completely filled, and why the clothing around the zipper has to be pretty loose. It measures a whopping 6 centimeters!

Final words

I hope this post was useful to you and maybe you are convinced to use toploader binders now? I for sure am!

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