Gemloader Premium 3”X4” Toploader Fit Collector’s Binder Review

Gemloader Premium 3''X4'' Toploader Fit Collector's Binder Black Front View

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First of all, this binder can be best bought via the official page. I use it for cards which I may still want to grade in the future, so I’m storing them in toploaders for maximum protection. However at the same time I still want to be able to look at them, the cards are too nice to store away in a box after all! Hence why I chose this binder and hopefully you will be convinced of how nice this binder is after my small review.

Buying toploader binders of alternative brands is also always an option, you can find those here on eBay, but bear in mind that my review does not cover those.


  • Each page holds 9 cards in toploaders on each side
  • Contains 12 pages for a total of 216 cards
  • Clearly displays the cards
  • Side-loading and zipper ensure card safety
  • Cards cannot get damaged provided you store them correctly in the toploaders
  • High-quality build
  • Available in different colors and materials


  • Binder is quite large at 40.5cm x 33cm
  • Slightly less rigid than non-toploader binders


Next up is the picture section. All my cards are stored in regular toploaders and of course inside penny sleeves.

Gemloader Premium 3''X4'' Toploader Fit Collector's Binder Black First Page
First Page
Gemloader Premium 3''X4'' Toploader Fit Collector's Binder Black Blank Pages
Blank Pages
Gemloader Premium 3''X4'' Toploader Fit Collector's Binder Black Thickness: Side View
Thickness: Side View

Please do keep in mind that only a few pages of this binder are filled with cards, meaning that the binder can get a lot thicker. I will cover that in a later blog post!


Overall I really like this binder, I think it deserves an 8.5 out of 10! In this review I covered one with leather-like material, personally I prefer the fabric-like materials which can be found in the grey and blue colors, however that is just a matter of personal taste.

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