Upper Deck Space Jam: A New Legacy Box Break

Upper Deck Space Jam: A New Legacy Box

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I felt like it was time to try something new! And that was buying an Upper Deck box. I’ve never opened a box of them so far, so I picked a box of Space Jam: A New Legacy. I vaguely remember having seen the original Space Jam movie a long time ago, but I actually haven’t seen this one yet, you can find Space Jam: A New Legacy on IMDb using the previous link.

As a result I pretty much did not know what to expect, other than there being a low chance to hit a nice autograph. If you want to give it a try yourself then you can find the boxes on eBay when you click here.

Box hits

In this section I’ll show you the hits I pulled, nothing big, but still some cool things. Unfortunately I did not get one of the sketch cards! They are really hard to pull and fall 1 in 20 boxes.

Upper Deck Space Jam: A New Legacy Sylvester Character Patch
Sylvester Character Patch
Upper Deck Space Jam: A New Legacy Foghorn Leghorn Film Cel
Foghorn Leghorn Film Cel
Upper Deck Space Jam: A New Legacy Breaking the Game Gossamer Lenticular
Gossamer Lenticular

And lastly some of the inserts I have pulled that looked cool.

Upper Deck Space Jam: A New Legacy Inserts

Box value

It may not be a big surprise that these cards are not really valuable, but let’s still check how we did! The box did cost me 100 euro after all, even though it is now available for sale for 70 euro.

According to eBay the Sylvester Character Patch sold for $11, the Foghorn Leghorn Film Cel sold for $3, the Gossamer Lenticular sold for $2 and the various inserts could for sell for $2 each.

Which means that the hits are roughly $16 and then there are probably like ten inserts in total so with some hard work you could get $40 back, on a 100 euro box. There is probably a reason they are discounted, though the sketch cards are still very nice if you manage to pull one!

Final words

Ultimately I think that this box was not a smart buy, opening it was not too enjoyable, but that is also mostly my own fault because it was a random purchase and I don’t really have any connection with Space Jam: A New Legacy or any of their characters!

For now I’ll make sure to stick with products that I really enjoy! And as usual I will be storing the cards safely, so perhaps five or ten years down the line some value can be recouped either via direct sales or by grading them.

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