Formula 1 Topps Now 2022 Japanese GP cards

Formula 1 Topps Now Japanese GP 2022 Max Verstappen

A while ago I made the decision to cut down on the amount of Topps Now cards I was ordering from Topps, but of course I cannot resist buying the really nice ones! And the 2022 Japanese GP definitely delivered, with Topps releasing three stunning cards featuring Max Verstappen!

I couldn’t resist buying a pack of 20 cards for each of the three you can see in my cover image. Previously, I had bought 100 cards of the really special moments, but these days there are too many people buying Topps Now cards for it to be a viable investment in my opinion.

Taking a quick look at the 2021 World Driver Champion card of Max Verstappen on eBay one can see that they still are only worth about $4 after a year, as can be seen in this eBay search.

Max Verstappen Parallels!

To my surprise I even received two parallels! Both of them being /99 Red Parallels of the same card.

Formula 1 Topps Now Japanese GP 2022 Max Verstappen 99 Parallel
83/99 and 18/99

I also love the amount of HONDA visible on these cards!

Currently these cards seem to be going for $80 each on eBay as can be seen in this eBay search.

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