Topps 206 Star Wars Wave 1 Pack Break

A while ago I decided to buy 20 packs of Topps 206 Star Wars Wave 1 cards. In total 25,102 of them have been produced and they are no longer available for purchase as their sale window only ran from September 13, 2022 until October 04, 2022.

They are still available for purchase on eBay however. You can find them by using this eBay search. At the time of writing they cost about $20-25 per pack.

Opening them up

Let’s start to open them! The first step is to unbox the little boxes they arrived in. The result can be seen in the picture below. It is a little bit of a shame that so much packaging is wasted when you are buying in bulk, Topps really could do better in that department!

Another thing to keep in mind is the size of the cards. Topps states they are 1.4375″ x 2.625″ 18pt Heritage Stock trading cards. So you may want to take note of that when protecting them in soft sleeves. It seems like these kind of Tobacco sleeves on eBay should fit them, but I’ve never tried it myself, so always double-check the dimensions. Or simply put them in regular sleeves, just like I did, and be extra careful with them.

2022 Topps 206 Star Wars Wave 1 Packs unpacked
After unpacking

The big pulls

It’s time to talk about the pulls now! Let’s start with the big pulls. We hit an Alternate Character Image Short print and one of the Home world Inserts! While the former has no pull rate data available, the latter has a pull rate of 1:30 packs, so hitting one is nice!

2022 Topps 206 Star Wars Wave 1 Finn Alternate Character Image Short print
Alternate Character Image Short print
2022 Topps 206 Star Wars Wave 1 Sheev Palpatine, Naboo Home world Insert
Home world Insert

Colored parallels

Next up are the colored parallels. The pull rates and expected number of cards are as follows, with the expected number being the number of cards we can expect in 20 packs.

RarityPull rateExpected number
Orange Star Field1:5 packs4 cards
Green Star Field1:10 packs2 cards
Yellow Star Field1:15 packs1.33 cards
Red Star Field1:20 packs1 card
Pull rates
2022 Topps 206 Star Wars Wave 1 Colored parallels
Colored parallels

As you can see I hit better than expected on the Orange Star Field and Yellow Star Field cards, but unfortunately missed out on a Red Star Field card, and I got less Green Star Field cards than the average. Most things average out, but I’d really have liked a Red Star Field card. Better luck next time!

Star Wars Logo backs

Now we’re getting to the more common hits, one of them is the Star Wars Logo backs with a pull rate of 1:3 packs. This means we should get between 6 and 7 of those.

2022 Topps 206 Star Wars Wave 1 Star Wars Logo backs
Star Wars Logo backs

Actually they look similar to the regular Base cards on the front side, but their back side is different, as can be seen below. The Base cards have backs that are unique for each card.

2022 Topps 206 Star Wars Wave 1 Star Wars Logo back
Star Wars Logo back

Blue Star Field parallels

These parallels are the least rare with them being two in each pack unless one of them is replaced by a rarer parallel or insert. As you can see from the picture below I pulled a total of 25 cards in my 20 packs.

2022 Topps 206 Star Wars Wave 1 Blue Star Field parallels
Blue Star Field parallels

Was it worth it?

And at last, we get to the final section. These 20 packs cost me $275 plus another $15 for shipping, ordered directly from Topps.

That brings the total cost to $290. Below you can find the value of the pulls, obtained from recent eBay sales.

Sheev PalpatineHome world Insert$50
FinnAlternate Character Image$45
ZuckussYellow Star Field$30
Lando CalrissianYellow Star Field$15
DJGreen Star Field$10
General Jan DodonnaOrange Star Field$10
C-3POOrange Star Field$10
C-3POOrange Star Field$10
C-3POStar Wars Logo back$8
Master CodebreakerOrange Star Field$7.50
Bail OrganaOrange Star Field$5
Wedge AntillesStar Wars Logo back$4
Galen ErsoStar Wars Logo back$4
LobotStar Wars Logo back$4
Captain ColtonStar Wars Logo back$4
Bazine NetalStar Wars Logo back$4
Pull values

Which gives us a total return of $220.50, and that is excluding the Blue Star Field parallels averaging $2 each and a selection of Base cards of the most popular characters having some value as well. Adding those in you get a return of at least $270.50.

So that ultimately gives us a return of 93%! Which is not bad at all, but not spectacular either. Have you bought any of these packs too? Be sure to let me know your pulls on Twitter or Instagram!

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