Dominaria United Collector Box: The numbers

It is finally time to take a look at the numbers of the Dominaria United Collector Booster Box I recently opened and covered in my The hunt for the Lost Legends post. Take a look at the post to see how beautiful the cards are!

The box cost me 250 euro on 14 September 2022 and I divided the cost over 102 hits. That gives me a cost per hit of $2.45 to use for the data in EchoMTG. The Box Topper and Lost Legend card I counted as extra pulls. You can check the current price of the box if you click here.

The following categories I consider to be hits:

  • All Textured Foils
  • All Showcase Foils and Non-Foils
  • Rare/Mythic Extended Art Foils and Non-Foils
  • Rare/Mythic Regular Foils
  • All Etched Commander Foils
  • Rare/Mythic Extended Art Commander Foils and Non-Foils
  • Rare/Mythic Regular Commander Foils and Non-Foils
  • Showcase Foil Basic Lands

Extended Art cards include Borderless cards as well.

Box Value

Next up I’m going to show what the top cards are with help of the EchoMTG tool, for both the Dominaria United (DMU) and the Dominaria United Commander (DMC) sets.

Dominaria United (DMU) Top 20
Dominaria United Commander (DMC) Top 10

As you can see the results are not really spectacular mainly due to the lack of big pulls, however when adding the values of all cards it is not that bad. And there still may be some value in the Token, Common and Uncommon cards, I haven’t entered those.

Summing everything up we get a total of $159.32 for the Dominaria United cards, a total of $12.78 for the Dominaria United Commander cards and $0.70 for the lone Legends card. That gives a grand total of $172.80 on a $249.58 box which is still a 69% return. Not bad for a box with no big hits, right?


Lastly I want to show you a histogram of all pulls. I grouped the data in groups of $1 to give you an idea of which cards did most work to get some value back.

Dominaria United Collector Booster Box Histogram

Final words

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