Why now may be a good time to buy Mick Schumacher cards

I feel like right now an opportunity may be arising to buy Mick Schumacher Topps Chrome Formula 1 cards. Either for your own collection goals, or for investing. I think right now good deals can be found on eBay. Let me explain you why.

Schumacher has had a streak of good performances lately, well, until today. At the start of the season he crashed too much, but ever since then he stepped up and started beating Kevin Magnussen as well. However it seems like Guenther Steiner is not too fond of Mick, and it does not matter a lot what kind of performances he makes, there is always something wrong with them, according to Steiner.

This leaves Mick in a tough place where another year with the Haas F1 Team seems rather unlikely. And maybe he shouldn’t even want to continue with Haas if other opportunities arise, their strategy is abysmal and they almost always lose significant Free Practice session time during their race weekends.

Future prospects

What is next for Mick then? And why could right now be a good opportunity to buy his cards? His stock currently seems to be at an all-time low, the only way it could go even lower is if he can’t find a seat in 2023. That seems like a realistic risk, but there are several outs.

One of the outs is a Williams Racing race seat in 2023. Most likely one of the very few viable options, especially with AlphaTauri having taken a great interest in Nyck de Vries after his incredible Monza performance, though perhaps AlphaTauri was never seriously interested. However the front-runner for the Williams seat appears to be Logan Sergeant, one of Williams’ academy drivers. It is however not sure if he will get enough Formula 1 license points, though be warned that the odds of that happening are quite high.

If Mick does not find a 2023 seat then his stock will definitely sink again, and it may provide an even better buying opportunity, but even then not all is lost. With Audi entering Formula 1 they may be very interested in having a famous German driver driving for their German team. The full team will start operating in 2026, however there are strong rumors that Audi will sponsor the current Alfa Romeo team from 2024 onward already. With Zhou Guanyu being on yearly contracts an opportunity may open up in 2024.

And once Mick has the chance again to put in good results, then I am sure his stock will rise and therefore his cards will also become more valuable again. Click here to view all Mick Schumacher cards currently available on eBay.

What to buy?

Normally I would advise everyone who is looking at long-term value to buy Formula 1 Topps Chrome 2020 cards. However Schumacher had his Formula 2 rookie cards in the 2020 set, while his Formula 1 rookie cards are in the Formula 1 Topps Chrome 2021 set. It complicates things a bit, but in this case I think there really isn’t a wrong choice, as long as you buy the cards at a low price. And you will be if you keep faith in Schumacher while others are dumping his cards.

I would put the primary focus on the higher rarity cards, like Orange /25, Gold /50 or Green /99, however Purple /399 may still be an option too if it is available for the right price. Also be on the lookout for graded cards, for example by PSA or SGC, often with less popular cards you can sort of get them graded for free if you’re buying. Base cards for $1 may not be a bad option either. And auctions on eBay will definitely provide very good opportunities. Watch them.

Autograph cards are a good buy too. I remember having missed several $300 opportunities for Formula 1 Topps Chrome 2020 Mick Schumacher autographs last year and regretting it because the price went up to $600 or more at some later point. However with the prices retracing to $250-300 on eBay auctions new opportunities arise, for investors, but also for collectors. I for example am very slowly building a collection of autographed cards and a Mick Schumacher autograph would be a fine addition to my collection.

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