Is the Disney set from Weiss Schwarz next to get hyped?

Weiss Schwarz Disney Disney100 Booster Box

With all the sudden interest in the Disney Kakawow cards you have to wonder which Disney set is next to get hyped. Let’s try to figure out what potential the new Weiss Schwarz set has and how badly the Disney Kakawow set got hyped. Detailed product information for the Disney100 set can be found here.

Disney Kakawow

First of all I recommend reading my earlier two articles about this set, both articles contain price predictions among other information:

The most important point is that I am pretty sure that these cards are in a bubble, there has never been this much interest in Disney cards and it is very unlikely that it has formed overnight. In my opinion flippers are driving the prices up like crazy and sooner rather than later the prices will drop again once they have left.

To illustrate the craziness I present the following timeline:

  • 2-6 March: $180 per box
  • 7-11 March: $300 per box
  • 12-18 March: $250 per box
  • 19 March: $300 per box
  • 20 March: $400 per box
  • 21 March: $500 per box
  • 22-23 March: $600 per box

All prices are estimated based on eBay‘s sold listings. Click here to view them on eBay.

I think this proves that there is a lot of FOMO regarding this set. I think it is very unwise to buy into it right now, unless you are a flipper looking for quick profit. Maybe the boxes will double again next week. Or maybe they will go down again. In any case, feel free to check the available listings on eBay here.

Weiss Schwarz

So with all that hype around a barely marketed Chinese Disney release you’ve got to wonder what this means for the next Disney sets. I am sure that lots of people, and most definitely flippers, will think they can double or triple their money on this as well, but does this release check all the boxes?

The good thing is that you can enjoy this new release of Disney cards for just $110, with cards that in my opinion have more beautiful art. You can buy the Weiss Schwarz boxes here on eBay.

Pros for hype and investors

As said there is massive hype around Disney cards right now, just check eBay’s sold listings here for example to see how many get sold each day. That alone will attract all kinds of people, flippers, investors but also long-term collectors hopefully.

And, similar to the Disney Kakawow cards, Bushiroad only has a license to sell and distribute their Disney cards within Japan. This also applies to their stand-alone Star Wars and Marvel sets. They also don’t seem to be legal for tournament play outside of Japan.

This means that more middlemen will be involved, and everyone wants to get their cut. The sale of Japanese Weiss Schwarz sets to countries outside Japan is much more proven though, and with more competition the prices should be more reasonable too. However if the demand vastly outnumbers the supply then prices will of course rise.

Cons for hype and investors

Not everything is comparable with the Disney Kakawow cards however. There are for example no super rare numbered cards, the rarest cards will most likely be Super Special (SSP) case hits, meaning that there is less room for the cards to fetch crazy prices.

Another reason for price increases recently in trading and collectible card boxes is the breakers, they will buy sealed boxes at market prices and will always sell the break slots for more in order to make a profit. If enough people are buying into these, often relatively cheap, break slots then the breakers will want to buy more boxes and that will trigger prices to rise more.

However with this set there does not appear to be a suitable break format. Sure, some people will try, but a good break format usually revolves around certain teams, players or rarities. And more often than not the incentive to buy into a break slot is that you could get a card that is significantly more valuable than the break slot itself, and that doesn’t seem to be a viable option here.


In the end only time will be able to tell whether this set has lived up to its hype, and as long as you don’t buy for crazy prices and you enjoy opening the cards, you can’t go wrong!

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My most hyped cards

And as extra section I’ll show you which cards I’m most hyped for.

Weiss Schwarz Disney Disney100 Mickey Mouse SSP
Mickey Mouse (SSP)
Weiss Schwarz Disney Disney100 Spider-Man SSP
Spider-Man (SSP)
Weiss Schwarz Disney Disney100 The Mandalorian SSP
The Mandalorian (SSP)
Weiss Schwarz Disney Disney100 Jack Sparrow SP
Jack Sparrow (SP)

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