Topps Star Wars Finest 2022 Box Break

Topps Finest Star Wars 2022

I’m back with another Box Break! Similar to the previous one I have opened this box a while ago but had not gotten around to posting about it yet, now in my vacation I finally have time to catch-up on writing some articles.

It’s a box of Topps Star Wars Finest 2022. It cost me 220 euro about half a year ago. Currently they cost between $200 and $250 on eBay with the prices varying quite a bit, click here for the most recent prices.

I really like this kind of box as it focuses mostly on character portraits and it is filled with hits! I’ll show you more about the hits in the next section.

The pulls

Let’s first check out the coolest non-autograph hits. They are Grogu Green /99, Finn Blue /150 and a Die-Cut Padmé Amidala!

Next up are the autograph hits, they are both General Draven cards, played by Alistair Petrie. I was very lucky to hit the Red /5 variant! And I also hit an Aqua /199 variant. Coincidentally this also clearly shows that the autographs are all uniquely signed.

I also pulled some cool Refractors, with Han Solo and Cassian Andor as my favorites!

Topps Star Wars Finest 2022 Refractors

Lastly I want to show several insert cards that I managed to pull.

Topps Star Wars Finest 2022 The Mandalorian Inserts
The Mandalorian Inserts
Topps Star Wars Finest 2022 The Bad Batch Inserts
The Bad Batch Inserts
Topps Star Wars Finest 2022 The Book of Boba Fett Fennec Shand
The Book of Boba Fett – Fennec Shand
Topps Star Wars Finest 2022 The High Republic Concept Art Inserts
The High Republic Concept Art Inserts

The value

Let’s breakdown the value of the hits next, keeping in mind that the Refractor, Insert and base cards have some value as well.

General DravenAutograph Red /5$100
GroguGreen /99$80
Padmé AmidalaDie-Cut$50
FinnBlue /150$10
General DravenAutograph Aqua /199$5

Some of these values are educated guesses because not enough data is available. The total value in this box only counting hits is $245, which means that I do not need to have any regrets about opening this box! Let’s say it is just over break-even.


I really enjoyed opening this box a lot! My personal favorite is the Green Grogu, but the Padmé Amidala Die-Cut card is cool too and owning a Red /5 Autograph also feels pretty cool! So good feelings all around.

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