Introducing three new Twitter accounts that post about interesting auctions daily

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Lately I’ve been thinking about some new projects that I could make which are automated and fun.

This one has been on my mind for a while and I finally decided to actually do it. Read on to find out what the accounts are, how they work and how they are implemented.

The Twitter accounts

I’ve created three Twitter accounts that focus mainly on collectible cards. They focus on the following categories.

Sports Cards

Trading Card Games

Entertainment Cards

How do they work?

These accounts work by first taking all eBay auctions that end within the next 24 hours filtered by a keyword in a specific category. Then as next step the auction with the highest bid is taken and posted to the corresponding Twitter account.

Note: At the time of writing the category filtering functionality does not yet work, I hope that I will be able to fix it soon.

How is it implemented?

I have implemented this on the Airtable platform. This is the best platform I have found so far that fulfills all of my requirements, which are being able to create custom tables in a database and being able to write scripts that can connect to external API’s.

My first step was to create my own tables inside the database to store Twitter account details, search terms and auction results. My next step was to write custom JavaScript scripts to fetch data from the eBay API and to prepare the Twitter post contents. The last step was to add a step in my Airtable Automation to actually post the message to Twitter.

Being able to script does come at a cost, $24 per month for the Pro plan. However if you are satisfied with Airtable‘s vast array of directly available scripts then it is free to use up to a certain database size. And Airtable are running an affiliate program which allows you to get $10 in credit if someone signs up via your personal link and verifies their e-mail address.

I also made sure that this can all be managed with ease, as is shown in the picture below.

Airtable eBay Affiliate Twitter Bot Search Terms
Search Terms

Adding or changing search terms can easily be done by directly modifying the fields. The only thing that requires more effort is adding a new Twitter account, but even that can be done within five minutes.

Final words

I’d very much appreciate it if you could give the @24h_sportscards, @24h_tcg and @24h_entertain Twitter accounts a follow and help get the word out! I will probably add more hobby-focused accounts as well in the future.

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